While Fastbraces® was spreading in other parts of the world, too, thanks to FastbracesUniversity.com Campus, Dr.Evangelos Viazis took a very hands-on approach and spread the word by example. At his own practice, he has taken on some rare and complicated cases of crooked teeth that were fixed with the help of Fastbraces®. But that’s not all; as a member of Orthoworld, Dr. Viazis has trained and educated many other dentists worldwide. He actively participates in seminars and conferences to promote the technology and help other dentists embrace innovation.
With over two decades of experience in orthodontics and Fastbraces®, Dr. Evangelos Viazis has established his name in Athens and the dental community in Europe and North America. He has helped many clients back home achieve better-looking smiles with the help of Fastbraces®.