Doctors don’t normally have a celebrity-like status, but Dr. Evangelos Viazis, a Fastbraces® expert, has earned himself quite some stardom.

As a trailblazer in the field of orthodontics, he is credited with bringing the Fastbraces® technology to Greece, a fast and safe method for moving and fixing teeth. Dr. Viazis’ work, particularly with Fastbraces®, over the past two decades, has made him an orthodontics legend in Greece and beyond.

For Dr. Viazis, adopting Fastbraces® didn’t need second thoughts as it’s his brother’s invention, Dr. Anthony Viazis.

His brother developed the revolutionary technology in 1992 in Dallas, Texas. Since then, thousands of dentists have adopted the technology to provide their patients with a fast way to straighten their teeth without needing to wear braces for over two or three years.

Of course, it was only natural for Dr. Viazis to adopt his brother’s invention and bring it to Greece. But it wasn’t just his family connection; it was more about his passion for orthodontics and helping future dentists around the world to learn such revolutionary practices.

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