Greece has one of the highest dentist-to-population ratios in the European Union. So it’s only befitting that the country is at the forefront of innovation in orthodontics and dentistry. Fastbraces®, a revolutionary technology for aligning teeth, has been incredibly popular in Greece for the past two decades.

Fastbraces® is a faster alternative to traditional braces that take over two years to align and fix teeth. The technology is patented and uses triangular brackets that work on the root and crown simultaneously to move them, reducing the time it takes to align teeth. It’s also used for treating crooked teeth and gingivitis. So its implications aren’t just limited to aesthetics but can help treat and prevent periodontal disease.

However, the best part about Fastbraces® is that, in many cases, it can help prevent surgical intervention. The overall process can take 100 days or more, which is significantly shorter than the time it takes for traditional braces.

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